Saturday, 15 October 2011

Neurofunk and WTF?

Scanning through the you-tube on a daily basis for new music or musical that's new to my ears. The latest finding coming from a tip-off from a Nitros powered film editor 'check out neurofunk'. Totally freaking worth it! I've always trusted Drum and Bass (always as of four years ago) as a reliable source of wonder in the music scene, yes it has fallen victim to commercialisation and nearly every other genre of music has, though when you've grown bored of everything else (as we all have from time to time) you can always come back to Drum and Bass.

Despite the significant watering down of the genre, the best of DnB still lies in its edge, the only difference being that now you have to look a little harder to find a sharp one, enter Neurofunk - a techstep or teckstep or even tekstep (depending on which article you read) nightmare which acts as the delightful opposite to the floaty/spacey DnB you may find on a Matrix and Future Bound EP or  High Contrast album. Just because it's dark don't let yourself think 'dub-step' and if you did think that then shame on you, but if you didn't then shame on me for thinking that, Neurofunk takes DnB to a vicious, heads down, intense, one to one battle for the bass between you and the nearest Funktion-One sound-system. Don't expect to be talking to your friends whilst listening to this stuff, it reeks of a proper dirty-no frills-night out, just what we like.

My favourite find from the genre so far isn't exactly the newest release to date, it's one from 'Billain' a standard name on the scene and it sound like this - watch out for the bass - get this on some seriously decent headphones (I use Sony XB-700s which are the best bass for the price) or beg/borrow/steal the best speakers you can lay your hands on.

If you like the sound of this kind of thing then I must recommend NeurofunkGrid's channel on you tube which showcases a great selection of mixes and tracks from tons of artists and is a truly dedicated source of everything Neurofunk. Wikipedia boasts quite an interesting and apparently well researched article on Neurofunk and is worth checking out for some light reading and a little modern music history - words and lyrics-.

The only problem with this genre seems to be it's difficulty in tracking down live sets of the stuff,    so far I can't find Billain live anywhere or Yanntek or L 33 or Rregula or anyone for that matter... and so the search continues, good luck to you if you decide to go hunting for a live show and please don't hesitate to tell me if you can track one down.

This sub-genre will probably stay just that, a sub-genre but then again you never know certainly with Dub-Step reaching maturity and everyone desperately trying to find a term to describe the newly spawned genre ('Comm-step', 'American Dubstep', 'Dubstream', 'Skrillefxts') which isn't Dubstep at all (as more and more people are coming to realise) people are going to start looking for a new sound, sadly I believe this search is about to soak up electro fidget, as hinted by the electro style dub-step we have been hearing so much of late, and introduce the masses to the likes of Jack Beats, AC Slater and Mr Oizo (okay forget that last one, if you haven't heard of Mr Oizo then go out and walk around until a tree slaps you, nah just go and google Flat Eric and say 'oh that's Mr Oizo!'). Then again everyone's heard of Fake Blood and I personally rinsed 'Mars' and 'I think I Like It' so much that I ruined two pairs of jeans (from dancing so much...obviously). Perhaps Electro has already fallen prey to public demand, but I don't think so just yet, in the mean time rinse your tunes and put on something dirty!

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